There’s Plenty to Go Around

Replacing meat with plant protein in just one meal per day saves enough resources to give five other people a serving of plant protein.

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Plant a Steak in the Ground

The amount of grain fed to livestock in the US could 
feed 840 million people.

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Go Green by Eating Green

On average, producing plant protein takes 9% of the fossil energy required to produce the same amount of animal protein.

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Nourishing our world, one meal at a time

Everyone on our marvelous planet deserves to be well nourished. But as Earth’s population continues to grow, how will we feed everyone? The simplest and most sustainable route to nourishing the world is to produce food that uses less of the planet’s resources. And VegiDay is here to help.


VegiDay is part of a growing movement that encourages us to support a sustainable future by choosing to eat more plant-based foods. At VegiDay we source our products or ingredients only from similarly “green-minded” companies. We look for suppliers who practice organic farming, guarantee non-GMO ingredients, and are committed to sustainability.

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The global population is expected to reach nine billion by the year 2050, a 28% increase. The demand for food will soon exceed the Earth’s capacity to supply it. What changes can each of us make to ensure that everyone has food on their table? The solution is right at our feet. Plants. By promoting sustainable agriculture and eating plant-based foods, we can have a positive impact on the whole planet.

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There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the healthiest choice you can make. Plants also contain the protein we need to survive, and thrive. A balanced mix of grains, nuts, and legumes provides all the essential amino acids plus a wealth of other phytonutrients. The VegiDay line includes a diversity of these plant-based products.

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Energy from the ground up

A seed only requires water, some nutrients from the soil, and a whole lot of energy from the sun to become a nourishing plant that can sustain life. Producing animal protein uses far more resources to deliver an equivalent amount of protein. By replacing animal protein with plant protein, for just one meal a day, we save enough resources to give five more people a serving of plant protein. Plant protein is also better for our health, and better for the environment. VegiDay is part of a growing movement that encourages us to support a sustainable future by choosing to eat more plant-based foods.

ISURA Certified

ISURA® SealISURA is an independent, non-profit analytical testing and certification organization backed by a Scientific Advisory Committee of world-renowned experts. The ISURA Seal of Approval is emblematic of the trust that consumers can exercise in ISURA-certified products that they are:

  • Non-GMO compliant
  • Contaminant free
  • Adulterant free
  • Authenticated
  • Accurately and inclusively labelled

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